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Editorial - Issue 10:01

Issue 11:01Welcome to the first 2010 issue of Perilous Adventures. We're looking forward to an exciting year of new adventures in writing, with plenty of time to read and write.

This issue, we welcome our new reviews editor, Carla Billinghurst. To introduce herself, we asked Carla to write an article about reviewing.

We're delighted to be publishing two poems from the esteemed Australian poet Mark Tredinnick. Mark is an award-winning writer whose most recent book is The Blue Plateau: A Landscape Memoir. We're sure you'll enjoy his poems: Red Moon Eclogues and Wingecarribee Eclogues.

In this issue, we interview acclaimed and highly successful American crime novelist, Lisa Unger.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and remind you to consider submitting for our upcoming issues. Click here for details about how to submit.

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Inga, Nike and Carla, eds

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Lisa Unger (interviewed by Inga Simpson)


Red Moon Eclogues by Mark Tredinnick

Wingecarribee Eclogues by Mark Tredinnick


On Reviewing by Carla Billinghurst

The Railway Table Chronicles, Part One by Carla Billinghurst

Superfluous Men by Michael Wilding (reviewed by Maria Arena)


The Ethics of Writing by Inga Simpson

On Reading Lists by n a bourke

On Eclogues by n a bourke