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Gary Crew interviewed by n a bourke (Issue 09:03)

Patrick Holland interviewed by n a bourke (Issue 10:03)

Belinda Jeffrey interviewed by Inga Simpson (10:02)

Susan Johnson interviewed by Sandra Hogan (Issue 11:01)

Krissy Kneen interviewed by n a bourke (Issue 09:05)

Steven Lang interviewed by n a bourke (issue 09:04)

Pippa Masson interviewed by Janene Carey (10:02)

Mark Tredinnick interviewed by Sandra Hogan (11:03)

Lisa Unger interviewed by Inga Simpson (10:01)

Charlotte Wood interviewed by Sandra Hogan (11:02)


Arena, Maria. Ninety Ten. Issue 11:01.

Arena, Maria. A view from the bridge. Issue 12:01.

Babson, Anne. Tribulation Lyric #3. Issue 10:03.

Bailey, Denielle. The Housewife's Redemption. Issue 09:05.

Billinghurst, Carla. The Brindisi Boys. Issue 09:03.

Baranay, Inez. Really Talking: Remembering Sasha Saldatow. Issue 10:04.

Barrile, Jewelene. The Geometry Lesson. Issue 12:01.

Bond, Sam. Copper Bling. Issue 11:01.

Bound, Samantha-Ellen. Jim. Issue 10:04.

Brucesmith, Linda. Flight. Issue 11:02.

Byrne, Mary. Greek Romance. Issue 10:03.

Cameron Brockmann. Ten Letters, Unsent. Issue 08:10.

Cantrell, Kate. Chasing Grace. Issue 09:05.

Castagna, Felicity. A Lesson in English Grammar. Issue 10:02.

Claire, Rachel. Extract from The Knock Knock. Issue 09:05.

Cocker, Robert. Saturday Mornings. Issue 08:10.

Douglas, Pamela. Extract from Bone Mother. Issue 09:05.

Fitzgerald, G. Dogs. Issue 08:10.

Fletcher, Caroline. The Mirror's Kiss. Issue 08:10.

Goedjen, Tara. The Recent Dead. Issue 10:04.

Hailstones, Alexis. My Father's Hands. Issue 10:04.

Holland, Karen. Dirt Angel. Issue 11:03.

Jane, Zacharey. A String of Pearls. Issue 09:03.

Jones, Adair. I'll Keep my Sea-Wall'd Garden. Issue 09:03.

Kneen, Krissy. Extract from Affection. Issue 09:05.

Layton, Theresa. The Other Side. Issue 09:05.

Layton, Theresa. The Afghan Hook. Issue 10:04.

Layton, Theresa. Telling Bess. Issue 12:01.

MacDonald, Marlyn. Eyebrows. Issue 09:04.

Macleod, Andrea. Not A Thing You Said Remains. Issue 11:02.

Macleod, Andrea. Images of Nothing Now. Issue 11:03.

Metcalfe, Carly-Jay. My great old man. Issue 12:01.

Moor, Sarah. Wire. Issue 09:04.

Mulcahy, Kylie. Notes From the Orchard. Issue 10:03.

Nugent, Carly. Jeremy. Issue 12:02.

Pearson, J R. Sonnets in Search of Longitude: Five Poems. Issue 10:03.

Pearson, Sue. Just One More Carrot. Issue 09:04.

Pearson, Sue. Knots. Issue 09:05.

Ryan, John. Orchid Anima. Issue 10:02.

Ryan, John. Sunday Zamia Swagger. Issue 10:04.

Simpson, Barbara. Moondancers. Issue 09:05.

Simpson, Inga. Extract from Off The Grid. Issue 09:05.

Somerville, Chris. As Long As You're Here. Issue 09:05.

Somerville, Chris. Quiet. Issue 09:05.

Strudwick, Wayne. Hunted. Issue 11:02.

Sulway, n. a. Bride of the Deep. Issue 09:02.

Trembath, Anna. The Wild. Issue 12:02.

Tredinnick, Mark. Red Moon Eclogues. Issue 10:01.

Tredinnick, Mark. Wingecarribee Eclogues. Issue 10:01.

Waterbright, Siall. Foundation Story. Issue 09:03.

Waterbright, Siall. Three Poems About Sacrifice. Issue 10:02.

White, Tracey. Rellik. Issue 12:02.

Wilding, Michael. Knee-capping. Issue 09:03.

Wilding, Michael. Henry's Novel. Issue 09:04.

Wilding, Michael. The Prisoner of Mount Warning [an extract]. Issue 10:02.

Wilding, Michael. The Magic Of It [an extract]. Issue 11:02.

Williams, Paul. Happy Birthday Frank. Issue 11:03.

Zigomanis, Les. Remote Possibilities. Issue 11:01.



Chekhov, Anton. About Love. Issue 11:01.

Chekhov, Anton. A Doctor's Visit. Issue 11:01.

d'Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine Baronne. Graciosa and Percinet. Issue 10:04.

Ewing, Juliana Horatia. Dandelion Clocks. Issue 10:03.

Fitzgerald, F Scott. The Great Gatsby. Issue 10:02.

Seton, Ernest Thompson. Lobo, the King of Currumpaw. Issue 11:02.

Thoreau, H D. Walking. Issue 11:02.

Woolf, Virginia. A Room Of One's Own. Issue 10:03.



Hogan, Sandra. Writing Succinct One-Page Reports. Issue 11:01.

Hogan, Sandra. Apostrophe Users Are Practically Superhuman. Issue 11:02.

Hogan, Sandra. When Death Seems Better. Issue 11:03.

Hogan, Sandra. Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot, like me? Issue 12:01.

Kneen, Krissy. On Not Writing About Sex. Issue 10:02.

Olsson, Kris. Love and the First Page. Issue 08:09.

Olsson, Kris. The Reading Season. Issue 08:09.

Simpson, Inga. The Ethics of Writing. Issue 10:01.

Simpson, Inga. From the Mean Streets to the Circus. Issue 08:10.

Simpson, Inga. On Wild Writing. Issue 09:02.

Simpson, Inga. Wrapping it Up: Endings in Detective Fiction. Issue 08:09.

Simpson, Inga. Who Moved My Cheese?: Nature Writing with Rick Bass. Issue 11:02.

Sulway, n. a. A View of Trees. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. A Whole City. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Dying in the First Person. Issue 08:09

Sulway, n. a. Grammar Lesson: Run-on Sentences. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Insert Setting. Issue 08:10.

Sulway, n. a. Making A Scene. Issue 09:05.

Sulway, n. a. Non-existence: On Being A Character. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. On Eclogues. Issue 10:01.

Sulway, n. a. On Lists. Issue 10:01.

Sulway, n. a. We Need To Talk. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Spender's Song. Issue 10:03.

Sulway, n. a. The First Draft. Issue 10:04.

Sulway, n. a. Late Bloomers. Issue 10:04.

Sutherland, Natalie. The Fiction in Autobiography: Fantasy, Narrative and the Discovery of Truth. Issue 10:02.



Arena, Maria. Review of Michael Wilding's Superfluous Men. Issue 10:01.

Billinghurst, Carla. Review of An Australian Monarch by William Pitt. Issue 10:04.

Billinghurst, Carla. The Three Aspects of Character by Larry Brooks. Issue 10:02.

Billinghurst, Carla. Down the Rabbit Hole: Rereading Alice in Wonderland. Issue 10:02.

Billinghurst, Carla. On Reviewing. Issue 10:01.

Billinghurst, Carla. The Railway Table Chronicles, Part One. Issue 10:01.

Billinghurst, Carla. The Railway Table Chronicles, Part Two. Issue 10:02.

Billinghurst, Carla. The Railway Table Chronicles, Part Three. Issue 10:03.

Billinghurst, Carla. The Railway Table Chronicles, Part Four. Issue 11:01.

Hogan, Sandra. Review of Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Issue 10:03.

Hogan, Sandra. Review of Bath Fugues by Brian Castro. Issue 10:04.

Hogan, Sandra. Review of Hamlet by Nicki Greenberg. Issue 11:01.

Hogan, Sandra. Review of To The End of the Land by David Grossman. Issue 11:02.

Hogan, Sandra. Review of Muriel Spark: A Biography by Martin Stannard. Issue 11:03.

Jones, Adair. Review of Breath by Tim Winton. Issue 09:02.

Jones, Adair. Review of The Case for Literature by Gao Xingjian. Issue 09:01.

Jones, Adair. Review of Speaking Our Language by Bruce Moore. Issue 09:04.

MacDonald, Marlyn. Review of Fury by Shirley Marr. Issue 10:03.

Mariko, Pamela. Review of The Earth Hums in B Flat by Mari Strachan. Issue 10:04.

Simpson, Inga. Books in Brief (Bauer, Capp, Koval). Issue 10:03.

Simpson, Inga. Books on the Bedside Table: Exotic Briefs (Singh, Mohamed, Asan). Issue 10:04.

Simpson, Inga. Review of Susan Lever's David Foster: The Satirist of Australia. Issue 09:03.

Simpson, Inga. Review of Kirstin Ekman's The Dog. Issue 09:05.

Simpson, Inga. Review of Prohibited Zone: A Thriller in the Desert by Alastair Sarre. Issue 11:03.

Simpson, Inga. Review of Michael Wilding's Wild & Woolley: A publishing memoir. Issue 11:04.

Simpson, Inga. Review of Anne Collins' My Friends This Landscape. Issue 11:04.

Sulway, n a. Review of Room by Emma Donoghue. Issue 10:03.

Sulway, n. a. Review of The Pen and the Stethoscope edited by Leah Kaminsky. Issue 11:01.

Sulway, n. a. Review of The Book of Rachel by Leslie Cannold. Issue 11:02.

Sulway, n. a. Review of The Map of Time by Félix J. Palma. Issue 11:02.



Hogan, Sandra. Unfinished Business: why science still hasn’t vanquished religion. Issue 09:04.

Lever, Susan. David Foster and the Forests. Issue 09:03.



Ruckert, Margaret. Imagery in Writing, or, When Words Have Their Designs on Us. Issue 10:02.

Simpson, Inga. Saying It How It Is. Issue 08:10.

Simpson, Inga. Starting with Scenes. Issue 08:09.

Simpson, Inga. Finding Opportunities. Issue 09:04.

Sulway, n. a. Ready, Set, Write. Issue 09:02.

Sulway, n. a. Ready, Set Write. Issue 09:01.

Sulway, n. a. Arrivals. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Being A Character. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Things They Never Said. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Reading Lists. Issue 08:09.

Sulway, n. a. Reading Like A Writer. Issue 09:01.

Sulway, n. a. Practical Tips for Improving Dialogue. Issue 08:10.