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Editorial - Issue 12:01

Welcome to the first issue of 2012. This issue we're delighted to bring you new works from some of our favourite emerging authors: some of the names we hope to see you reading more of in the coming year. Each of these writers are people we've been grateful to discover; we hope that you will enjoy reading their work as much as we have.

January is, of course, the time when we all reassess the old year and begin looking towards the future. Like you, we're looking forward to an exciting and stimulating 2012, full of exciting new books and stories.

warm wishes

Nike & Inga, eds

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Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot, like me? by Sandra Hogan


A View from the Bridge by Maria Arena

The Geometry Lesson by Jewelene Barrile

Telling Bess by Theresa Layton

my great old man by Carly-Jay Metcalfe


Michael Wilding's Wild & Woolley: A publishing memoir (reviewed by Inga Simpson)

Anne Collins' My friends this Landscape (reviewed by Inga Simpson)


Charles Dickens The Lamplighter