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Editorial - Issue 10:04

Issue 11:01Dear Readers,

Welcome to the final, somewhat belated, edition of Perilous for 2010. This issue features the four winning stories in our annual short story competition, by Alexis Hailstones, Theresa Layton, Samantha Ellen-Bound and Tara Goedjen. We received a bumper crop of entries this year, and look forward to publishing some of the shortlisted entries in our next edition, early in the new year.

This edition also features new work by Inez Baranay and John Ryan. We're particularly thrilled to be publishing Baranay's short memoir commemorating the life of Sasha Saldatow.

We're also delighted to be publishing the classic fairy tale by Marie-Catherine Baronne d'Aulnoy, Graciosa and Percinet, along with our usual reviews and writing tips.

warm regards

Inga, Nike & Carla, eds

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Perilous Short Story Award Winners

Jim by Samantha-Ellen Bound

The Recent Dead by Tara Goedjen

My Father's Hands by Alexis Hailstones

The Afghan Hook by Theresa Layton


Really Talking: Remembering Sasha Saldatow by Inez Baranay

Sunday Zamia Swagger by John Ryan


Graciosa and Percinet by Marie-Catherine Baronne d'Aulnoy


The First Draft by n a bourke

Late Bloomers by n a bourke


Books on the Bedside Table: Exotic Briefs by Inga Simpson

William Pitt's An Australian Monarch reviewed by Carla Billinghurst

Mari Strachan's The Earth Hums in B Flat reviewed by Pamela Mariko

Maris Morton's A Darker Music reviewed by Inga Simpson

Brian Castro's Bath Fugues reviewed by Sandra Hogan