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Issue 11:01Welcome to the first of the new & improved, deluxe online remix of Perilous Adventures magazine. You'll find all the articles and stories from our back issues and lots of new work in our first official online issue, with many more to come.

We are absolutely thrilled, this issue, to be launching our interview series by bringing you an in-depth interview with the acclaimed author, Gary Crew, who shares with us the challenges of crossing over into the world of adults.

Also featured in this issue are new works. We're delighted at the range of stories here, and hope, you, too will find something to thrill you in our box of 'all-sorts'.

The Perilous Adventures short story competition opens June 29 - so check out the competition details and start preparing your entry!

We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to many more.

warm regards,

nike & inga

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Gary Crew (interviewed by n a bourke)

Extract from Architecture of Song by Gary Crew


Brindisi Boys by Carla Billinghurst

A String of Pearls by Zacharey Jane

I'll Keep my Sea-Wall'd Garden by Adair Jones

Foundation Story by Siall Waterbright

Knee-capping by Michael Wilding


David Foster and the Forests by Susan Lever


Susan Lever's David Foster: the Satirist of Australia reviewed by Inga Simpson.